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We have a variety of Running and Strength Training packages available to have you smashing your running goals and becoming an injury-free runner.

To find out more about our Running coaching packages, how we go about coaching runners, and who our coaches are, tap the button below.

Running Courses

Our virtual courses are designed to eliminate uncertainty by filling in your knowledge gaps. These guided courses allow you to get the best out of your coaching programme, run stronger and, ultimately, race faster and longer.

We are busy updating our course material. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to be alerted when the new course becomes available.

Coaching people to live healthy lifestyles is how our coaching business started. It’s not the specific activity that counts so much as being able to move well and participate in activities that set your heart alight. If you want to live a healthy life until after your 100th birthday, then you have come to the right place. If running lights your soul on fire, then you are in good hands. Our head coach, Fred Richardson, has trained hundreds of ordinary people just like you over the last 15 years. Let him and his team help you achieve the extraordinary.

Trail Skills Clinics and Running Training Camps

Our clinics and training camps are designed to extend your knowledge in first person. The action-packed clinic days are highly engaging and hands-on, while the training camps are adventure weekends where you put everything you have learnt to the test. By engaging with others, and simply by doing, you develop as a runner exponentially. Furthermore, returning home with an epic experience, great stories and – very importantly – an Instagram feed of note.

Our Community

Our community is important to us. If you are looking for group runs, regular training camps and community support at the big races, then register to see what we have available for you.