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Category: Compulsory Kit

  • Windbreaker / Windproof jacket

    16 February 2015
    What is it? A windbreaker or windproof jacket keeps the wind out. Some of them will be able to keep…
  • Whistle – for what?

    16 February 2015
    The next item on your compulsory kit list no matter how short the event, is a whistle. Why not just…
  • Space Blanket

    5 February 2015
    We continue our series on trail running compulsory gear with the space blanket otherwise known as an emergency blanket or…
  • Waterproof Jackets

    4 February 2015
    Why are they compulsory? Wet clothes can lead to hypothermia in even mild conditions. Add to that heavy rain accompanied by wind…
  • Hydration Packs

    2 February 2015
    If you have entered a trail race of more than 10 km or one that has a lot of altitude gain…