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Category: Meditation

  • Unlocking the Secrets of Breathwork for Runners

    15 October 2023
    Breathing is so natural that we often overlook its role in athletic performance. This article aims to illuminate the profound…
  • Nasal breathing

    20 March 2015
    The most common tip for regulating your Long Slow Distance(LSD) run is to run at a conversational pace. Try this as an…
  • On being Mindful

    25 September 2014
    The word Mindful is bubbling to the surface of the collective consciousness and I think its a good time for…
  • Running for compassion – The Challenge

    12 September 2014
    This simple challenge doesn't require you to freeze your bits off and won't cost you any money. Before you start…
  • Its all in your head

    22 April 2014
    The Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei Japan run 1000 days of marathons as part of their training in Tendai Buddhism.…