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Category: Minimal Running

  • Windbreaker / Windproof jacket

    16 February 2015
    What is it? A windbreaker or windproof jacket keeps the wind out. Some of them will be able to keep…
  • Its not about the shoes

    12 November 2014
    Would it surprise you to know that there is more similarity than difference in my running experience with the two…
  • Why run in Sandals?

    16 April 2014
    Many coaches around the world have their athletes running barefoot for the early part of their season. The major benefit being…
  • Running in Sandals

    31 March 2014
    The most common question I get from people about running in sandals on trails is "Don't you kick your toes".…
  • Are you ready to go Minimal

    27 March 2014 This is a great video from Jay Dicharry