Be ExtraOrdinary

Jurgen Vogt

Jurgen is an ardent enthusiast of endurance sports, driven by an insatiable passion for pushing boundaries. Running, in particular, has always held a special place in his heart, serving as a liberating pursuit that sets him free.

With an extensive background as a runner and triathlete, Jurgen has amassed an impressive repertoire of accomplishments, conquering numerous races both on and off the beaten path. From grueling ultra-trail challenges to the iconic Comrades Marathon and formidable Ironman distance triathlons, he has fearlessly embraced the physical and mental demands of these epic events.

Complementing his athletic expertise, Jurgen holds a degree in Psychology with a specialization in Sport Psychology. This deep understanding of the psychological aspects of sports performance enhances his ability to connect with and empower athletes on their journey. Furthermore, he is a certified Life Coach, equipped to provide holistic guidance and support to individuals striving for personal growth and achievement.

Jurgen’s commitment to well-rounded development extends beyond the physical and mental realms. As a trained BreathWork coach, he recognizes the power of breath as a transformative tool, unlocking potential and promoting resilience. Additionally, his credentials as a UESCA certified Ultra-Running Coach solidify his expertise in designing effective training plans tailored specifically to the unique demands of ultramarathons.

With Jurgen as your guide, you can tap into his wealth of knowledge, experience, and infectious enthusiasm to unleash your true potential. Prepare to embark on a journey that merges professional expertise with an unwavering spirit of fun, ensuring a rewarding and memorable coaching experience.

  • Jurgen Vogt