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Low Carb Protocol

This regimen consists of a dual workout in a single day, beginning with a high-intensity interval training session, followed by a relaxed, low-intensity aerobic workout within a 4-hour timeframe. Both exercise segments are performed in a fasting state.

The primary objective of this protocol is to bolster mitochondrial density within muscle fibers and enhance the body’s ability to burn fat for energy.

The first workout is generally carried out in the morning before any food intake, typically comprising a Tabata-style training session featuring four sets of intense 40-second efforts, each followed by a 20-second rest period, and separated by one-minute breaks in between sets.

The subsequent workout session is a gentle, hour-long aerobic activity. During this, athletes commonly notice that even minor escalations in exertion can trigger unusually high heart rate spikes as the body searches for any available energy sources within the system.

It’s crucial to refrain from consuming any form of nourishment between these two workouts. While water with added electrolytes is permissible, nothing else should be ingested.

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