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Equipping your home gym


Equipping your Home Gym

It seems that gyms are going to be the last to open and bodyweight training can only take you so far. So how do we go about setting up our home gym?

The focus here is not on aerobic exercise. If that’s what you want, then get a skipping rope, take a walk, go for a run, or ride a bike. What we are talking about here is becoming stronger and shaping up our muscles.

Must Haves

Training mat

This is a mat to protect you from your floors and carpets. It also serves to protect your home from your sweat and scuff marks.

Skipping rope

Add skipping in as a warm-up, cool down or work it in to your strength routine by skipping between sets as a way to double up on exercise when you are pressed for time.

Level 1


Rubber bands come in a variety of resistances. In the set pictured below, the wider the band, the greater the resistance. You don’t need to get the whole set, a good start would be the thinnest four for the less experienced and the middle four for experienced gym goers and the widest 4 for the strongmen. Bands are extremely versatile and can be added to any standard body weight exercise to instantly improve the difficulty. There are also many online examples of strength training with bands.

A set of 4 = Black/Purple/Green/Blue = R175+ R275+R375+R545 = Total R 1370


The most versatile compact weight training ‘device’ you could hope for. The kettlebell can be used like any other weight for used in weight training. What it is particularly good for is dynamic , explosive movement. A single kettlebell has an overall conditioning effect on your whole body when using the signature kettlebell swing movements. Kettlebells push the heart rate, burn fat and muscle. The kettlebell swings all activate and strengthen the posterior chain. This translates to more athletic movement for all sports. The lack of a fixed point also means that all of your joints and proprioception are trained simultaneously.

As a guide you will get the maximum benefit in a 2 handed swing when swinging a weight that is 1/3rd of your optimal bodyweight.

This is definitely a must have in the home gym. Look to buy a set of 3 for women 12 kg, 16 kg and 20 kg. For most men 16 kg, 20 kg, 24 kg.

16 kg + 20 kg + 24 kg = R 895 + R 1130 + R 1345 = R 3370

Level 2


This is the point at which your home gym begins to get serious. A good barbell is an investment in your future strength. This is the bar on which you will place your weights. If your budget is tight then start with just the bar. At 20 kg it’s heavy enough for most people to get benefits from over head presses and rows. It’s also a great starting point to get your technique right for Deadlifts and a variety of power and Olympic lifts. Add plates to your equipment list as you can afford them. Look for an Olympic lifting bar because the ends sin which is necessary for any kind of Olympic or power lifting training.

Barbell = R 1995


These are the weights that go onto the barbell. They come in a variety of sizes usually in increments of 5 kg. Starting at 5 kg and going up to 25 kg. Build your set according to your needs. Initially start with 2 x 10 kg + 2 x 5 kg because that will give you the most versatility. In time you want to have enough weight so that you can at least lift your own weight in a Deadlift. After that the sky is the limit.

Plates = 2 x 5 kg + 2 x 10 kg + 2 x 15 kg = 2 x R 430 + 2 x R 755 + 2 x R 1025 = R 4420

Level 3 (The icing on the cake)

Weight Lifting Platform

A platform will allow you to drop the weights without damaging your floors. It is an absolute must have once you start the move to Olympic and Power Lifting. These lifts are truly the secret to a powerful athletic body for any sport. I would add this at the earliest opportunity.

You can build your own weight platform( or you can buy one like this (the platform does not include the rack)

Store bought = R 10 995

The Bottom Line

If you are absolutely pushed financially but you desperately want to be able to add functional strength work at home then go with a set of Kettlebells – R 3370

If money is not the determining factor then get a barbell and a minimum set of plates on top of the kettlebells R 1995 + R 4420 = R 6415

Finally if you can afford it or you like home projects. Buy or build a lifting platform. This is the ultimate for a home gym and being able to build a powerful athletic body. Buy it for R 10 995

A complete home set without the platform will cost you R 9785. A standard gym contract is for 24 months. If you divide that total by 24 , it comes out to R 407.70 a month.

That doesn’t take into account the petrol cost of travelling to and from the gym or the expensive smoothie you buy after your session. The equipment you buy is steel, it doesn’t wear out and it never needs a service. You will have it for the rest of your life. It seems like a no brainer to me.

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