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Let the Comrades Journey begin

The Comrades Marathon is a race that demands respect, and to conquer it, a structured and dedicated approach to training is essential. While the intense, focused training often only start in late January, the next 9 months leading up to the race are crucial. The time to start is now, and here’s why:

Building a Solid Base

1. Physical Foundation:

  • Start with gentle and consistent training to build stamina, strength, and flexibility. Lay the groundwork that will support the more rigorous training phase to come.

2. Injury Prevention:

  • Early preparation helps to condition the body, reducing the risk of injuries that might derail your training later on.

Securing an Early Qualifier

1. Confidence Booster:

  • Achieving a qualifying time early in the process can provide a psychological edge, instilling confidence and motivation.

2. Strategic Planning:

  • An early qualifier allows you more flexibility in your training schedule and race selection, making the entire process more manageable and tailored to your needs.

Adapting to Training Demands

1. Balancing Life and Training:

  • Gradually ramping up your training helps you find the right balance with other life commitments.

2. Nutritional and Sleep Habits:

  • Early adjustments to diet and rest can set good habits that will support your physical and mental well-being throughout the training journey.

Mindful Runner Philosophy

1. Holistic Approach:

  • Integrate the principles of Mindful Running into your daily practice. Understand the biomechanics of running, focus on form and mindful meditation, and embrace running as an integral part of your being.

2. Join the Mindful Runners Club:

  • Find your tribe, those kindred spirits, and run in Mindful Runner colors.

The Comrades Marathon is more than a goal; it’s a transformative journey. Starting now gives you the time and space to fully engage with the process, cultivate your best self as a runner, and set the stage for a successful race day.

Sign up for one-on-one coaching with one of our experienced coaches or join the Comrades Virtual Squad if you’d like to tap into the Mindful Runner expertise without the focus of a personal coach.

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