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Pre Race warm up

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The value of a good pre-race warm up is undisputed. Below is a routine that will get you to the start line ready to run your best on race day.

1 hour before the race
(Do this away from the starting area)
A light 5 minute jog/shuffle to warm the muscles up
5 minute Easy dynamic stretching (see the routine below)
15 minute Very Easy run
You now have 15 minutes to move to the race start area

20 minutes before race start
(Do this at or very close to the starting area)
5 mins of Easy running with 5 pick ups of 50 – 80 meters up to race pace
End the session with 3 minutes at race pace
Get to the line 10 minutes before the start – get as close to the front as possible

Dynamic Stretch Routine
1 ) Sitting Squats – 3 reps
Hold a low sitting squat, get your butt as close to the ground as you can. Use a tree, post or rail to support you if you must. Stay down for 30 secs at a time and rock in small clockwise movements and then anticlockwise movements. Stand up and shake out the legs for 30 secs
2 ) Air squats – 2 x 10 reps with a 30 sec rest between sets. On the second set bounce off the bottom of the squat and pop up fast extending at the ankle, knee and hip. Your feet might leave the ground when you are fully upright
3 ) Walking lunges – 2 x 30 secs
Step forward in a walking lunge. Keep the shin of the leading leg straight and the knee over the foot. Progressively stretch the hip flexor on the trailing leg more and more
4 ) Leg swings – 2 x 30 secs
Swing the knee of your bent leg directly in front of your chest until its parallel with the ground. Continue the motion by keeping the leg bent and parallel to the ground. Swing it out to the side as far as you can. Swap legs and repeat
5 ) Light skipping – 2 x 30 secs
Bounce lightly out of your toes as you would with a skipping rope. Keep the action light and easy