Be ExtraOrdinary

Running for compassion – The Challenge


This simple challenge doesn’t require you to freeze your bits off and won’t cost you any money.

Before you start your next run think of someone or something that needs some love or positive energy. It may be a religious figure, it might be a friend in need, abandoned pets or defenceless rhino. The intention of your mindful run is up to you and you alone. All the while during that run simply offer up your run to that intention. If you drift off the intention and find yourself thinking of other things just gently bring your thoughts back to your intention.

An important aspect of the run for compassion is that there is no judgement or solution. You’re not trying to solve a problem or save a rhino. You’re not going to get a reward. Nobody else will even know you’re doing it. You’re just offering your run in a spirit of caring and compassion.

If this all sounds a little too esoteric then know that this exercise will have direct benefits in helping to calm your mind and its an excellent mental exercise teaching you to focus and stay focused. A focused mind is often the difference between success and failure.

I’d love to hear back from you after the run on how it went for you.