Addo Elephant Trail – 50 km


16-Week 50km Trail Running Training Program for Addo Elephant Race

  • Duration: 16 weeks
  • Average Weekly Training: 9 hours
  • Peak Training Week: 11 hours
  • Focus:
    • Building endurance and strength
    • Enhancing technical trail skills
    • Heat adaptation for Addo’s climate
  • Ideal for Runners With:
    • A weekly base of at least 25-30 kilometers
  • Goal: Prepare for the unique challenges of the rugged terrain in the Addo Elephant Trail Race

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Welcome to the journey towards conquering the 50km race at the Addo Elephant Trail Run. This event, set in the diverse terrain of the Addo Elephant National Park, is a test of physical endurance, mental toughness, and technical skill. The 50km distance will challenge you with its mix of single-track trails, steep climbs, river crossings, and potential wildlife encounters.

Our training program is tailored to prepare you for these specific challenges. We’ll focus on building endurance, strength for the uneven terrain, and agility for technical trail aspects. Alongside these, we’ll include elements of heat adaptation. While the Addo region is known for its warmth, especially in March, we’ll ensure you are prepared to perform in warmer conditions without overemphasizing this aspect.

Remember, this race is about strategy and respect for the natural environment as much as it is about physical preparedness. Together, we will ensure you are ready to tackle this adventure both physically and mentally.