Comrades 2024 Training Plan


Unleash Your Full Potential with Our Comrades Marathon Training Program!

Designed to empower both novice and experienced runners, our training program offers a comprehensive approach to conquer the legendary Comrades Marathon. Rooted in science, fueled by experience, our service includes:

  • A personalized virtual discovery meeting to evaluate your current fitness level and training availability.
  • Tailor-made training plans that adapt to your personal schedule and needs.
  • Monthly progress check-ins over the phone, Zoom, or WhatsApp.
  • Strength and conditioning plans to optimize your performance.
  • Comprehensive race day plan to ensure you’re prepared for every possible scenario.
  • Nutritional guidance to fuel your training and recovery effectively.
  • Mental skill development to boost your resilience and determination.
  • Optional race day support for real-time guidance and reassurance.

Our program boasts a success rate of over 96%. With us, many runners not only complete the race, but also achieve their personal bests or experience their happiest run ever. Trust our proven track record and join us for an unforgettable journey to your best Comrades Marathon performance!

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Introducing our bespoke Comrades Marathon Training Program, designed to guide both novice and experienced runners to their most successful run ever. We understand that every runner is unique, and our aim is to tailor our service to meet the individual needs and goals of each athlete.

Our comprehensive program begins with a virtual discovery meeting, where we assess your current fitness level, understand your training availability, and consider your time commitments. We delve deep to grasp your running history, injury profile, personal goals, and expectations. This robust assessment allows us to design a training program that best suits your unique capabilities and objectives.

Based on this understanding, we create a training plan specific to you. This includes not just daily running plans, but also crucial elements like a strength and conditioning program. Our plan ensures you train at the right pace to avoid injuries while maintaining a steady progression towards your goal.

Monthly progress check-ins via phone, Zoom, or WhatsApp help us stay abreast with your training and performance, making adjustments as needed. Our certified coaches use this opportunity to provide feedback, answer any queries you might have, and ensure you stay motivated throughout your training journey.

Our service also incorporates a comprehensive race day plan. We provide advice on race strategies, including pacing and race nutrition. This ensures you are well-prepared to tackle the race’s unique challenges, whether it’s an ‘Up’ run or a ‘Down’ run, each presenting its own set of demands.

Nutrition advice is also a vital part of our program. We guide you on meal planning and help you understand what to eat before, during, and after your runs. For those long runs, we also provide a customized race nutrition plan.

Additionally, we help in mental skill development. Running a marathon is as much a psychological challenge as it is a physical one. Our mental training techniques aim to build your confidence, improve concentration, and develop mental resilience for the race day.

Optional race day support is available for those who wish to benefit from in-person encouragement and strategic advice during the race.

Our programs are deeply rooted in scientific principles, but we also blend in our vast experience in endurance coaching. This combination has helped us achieve an impressive success rate, with over 96% of our athletes successfully finishing the race. We are proud to say that many runners have had their happiest and fastest runs ever under our guidance.

Our commitment to your training doesn’t end at the finish line. Post-race, we conduct a thorough evaluation of your performance, which provides valuable insights for your future running endeavors.

Join us now to embark on your Comrades Marathon journey. With our proven track record, we are confident that we can help you cross that finish line with a smile, whether it’s your first Comrades Marathon or you’re a returning runner aiming for a personal best.