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Monthly Training Plan

Daily Feedback

Strength Program tailored to athlete needs

Nutrition Coaching

Running Skills plan

Weekly One on One with your Coach

24/7 Access to your coach


This plan is for those who are serious about getting the best results possible. You get daily feedback on your training. Your plan can be adapted on a daily basis depending on your needs.

The strength program is precisely tailored to your needs. Your strength program includes general body shaping as well as your running strength work. These sessions are designed to improve general strength and mobility over and above your running needs. We fully accommodate home gyms in the strength plan.

Performance coaching looks at the mental aspects of training and racing. We use Mindfulness practices along with habit and life coaching techniques to equip you to be your best mentally. In your running and daily life.

Nutrition plays a vital role in getting the best from your training and racing. Your nutrition coach will draw up a monthly Meal Plan taking into account your preferences, goals and current stage of training. The nutrition plan includes recipes and a shopping list. Healthy habits are created through regular feedback to your nutrition coach who will also keep you accountable to your goals.

running skills plan is designed to turn you into a more skillful runner. Skills include speed, hill ascending, hill descending, pacing, racing strategy and a wide variety of trail specific skills. The plan includes drills, gym work and exercises to get you running at your best.

A weekly meeting with your coach to discuss your training. Virtually via voice or video or in person at a local coffee shop.