Training Peaks Premium – Monthly

R200,00 on the 27th of each month

This is a subscription to Training Peaks Premium. Available to Mindful Runner Coached athletes only.

First payment prorated. Next payment: 27 May 2024


Training Peaks Premium Monthly subscription is only available to Coached Mindful Runners. It is a bolt on to your monthly training subscription.

Signing up for a TrainingPeaks Premium account offers numerous benefits for athletes.

It enables immediate push notifications for comments from your coach, enhancing communication.

You’ll have visibility of new peak performances, providing a motivational boost.

The ability to view weather forecasts up to 10 days ahead helps in planning training sessions.

The platform allows you to indicate your availability, making it easier to fit workouts into your schedule.

Access to the Annual Training Plan, Stackup feature, and comprehensive data analysis tools give a detailed view of your training progress and how you compare with others, facilitating a more informed and engaged approach to your fitness journey.