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Space Blanket

We continue our series on trail running compulsory gear with the space blanket otherwise known as an emergency blanket or a survival blanket.

Why is it compulsory?

The primary purpose of a space blanket is to keep you warm in an emergency situation. It could be that you’re injured or you’re waiting with an injured person until help arrives.

A space blanket doesn’t create any heat on its own and so you’re going to need to wrap it around you quite snugly to keep your body heat in. Putting a jacket and even pants on OVER a space blanket is one way to keep the blanket close to your body and it has the added advantage of preventing the blanket from flapping around.

TIP – Put your space blanket on BEFORE you start to feel cold. They only reflect heat and can take a long time to warm up if you’ve allowed your body temperature to drop.

Other uses for a space blanket for trail runners

  • As shelter from the sun.
  • As a waterproof layer.
  • Use the reflective surface as a signalling device. Stretch the blanket out shiny side up and pin it down with rocks so as to be easily seen from the air.
  • A thin strip can be used as a tourniquet.
  • Cut a sling for arm and shoulder breaks and dislocations.
  • Use its reflective properties to reflect headlamps or torches to use as a signalling device.

TIPThe standard space blankets are very compact and lightweight. It’s worth carrying two. Don’t be afraid to use it.