Be ExtraOrdinary

I started my running adventure fairly late in life, at the age of 45. In 2019 I joined the Mindful Runner team, as I needed guidance on my training program and also knowing that someone was keeping an eye on my training was a great motivator!
Juggling a corporate job, young twins and running is quite a challenge but the coaching through Mindful Runner is flexible and is customized to meet my needs, whilst still pushing me to grow and get stronger all the time. I will never be a podium finisher, but that has not impacted the support and guidance from Mindful Runner. I compete against myself and my goal is to be the best possible version of me. Anja Louw is a phenomenal coach, listening to my personal needs, providing great guidance and support, while also being understanding during periods of illness or injury.

The mountain camps are a must-do experience! I learnt so much from Fred, and the other runners, during these weekends, but they also were an incredible confidence booster. They are a great opportunity to experience remote, spectacular trails that you probably would not undertake on your own. They are also so much fun, being surrounded by other like-minded trail runners.

I always thought that having a coach was only for elite runners but over the years have realized that no matter your pace, or where you are on your running journey, having a coach is such a valuable investment in achieving your running goals.