Be ExtraOrdinary

I have been running for more than 20 years, road running most of it. I was self trained and did not do too bad in my younger years. My PB’s were 3:22 for 50km, 2:57 Marathon and 38m 10km. During my road-running years I did the occasional “trail” run and really got attracted to the different terrein and skills required to do trail running. I quickly realised that I was not at all trail fit and required a different sort of training. But knowing myself I knew I cannot train just for the fact of training, and need a goal to train for, that is my motivation to train. I then found out that the Skyrun 100km is the “comrades” of trail running and I made it my goal as my first major trail race. As usual, I went on my own and trained on the road with the weekend runs with friends on the trail. My first Skyrun was in 2017 with a finish time of 26 odd hours. Really tough but so satisfying to finish. I then also realised that I could probably benefit from some formal training, and that is how I got introduced to Fred and the Mindful Running family. I always thought that my best running years were behind me but after discussions with Fred he assured me my best years are yet to come. After 2 years with Fred I managed to not only improve my trail running but also my road running. Finish my 10th comrades in 8:30, my first Bill Rowan at age 50. Something I could never achieved in my younger years. I finished my 6th Skyrun 100km in 10th overall, first Master and under 20hours and still feel I could do better. I think I am starting to believe Fred about my best running years and looking forward to the next achievements with Fred and the Mindful Running team.