Be ExtraOrdinary

I always said I will never run more than 21 km, until one day i decided to do Mnweni Mountain Marathon in the Drakensberg to experience those magnificent views.  I phoned Fred for help to achieve that goal.
I ran my mountain marathon and then a continuously life changing journey started, and the magical views continued & the awesome kms are ticking year by year !  Thanks to Fred,the commitment to training and the Mindful Running team I found something that excites me, keeps me happy,  healthy –  body, mind and soul!

Seeing results every year, I can truly recommend being coached by the Mindful Runner. Fred is taking into account your goals, and creating a personal plan based on your work/life activities and making sure you don’t get stuck in a comfort zone.
Whether you want to run a 5 km personal best or 200 miles.  Its your goals, your journey and you get the best help to achieve this goal with his effective, enthusiastic training, mind blowing knowledge and  relationship you can trust – coached by Fred.

To have a coaching plan makes training so much easier. You also don’t quit that easy on rainy days, you get yourself to it and you loved it/ and be proud of the awesome achievements! Fred knows what you are capable of more than you know yourself, you just trust, follow the process  and then you performed better than what you in the first place did not think you can. Mindful runner coaching is a lifestyle change.