Be ExtraOrdinary

I joined the Mindful Runner team in 2016 and it was the best decision I have ever made. Whilst I may not ever be an elite runner, I wanted to get better for myself and challenge myself. Fred Richardson has supported my sometimes wild decisions and helped me overcome so many running challenges. Being part of the Mindful Runners family is super special and the community inspires you to take challenges and participate in awesome events around the country. The mountain camps to the Drakensburg are a fantastic and unique feature of being a Mindful Runner. You get to experience and learn about the mountains at your own pace and without competition pressure. It is also the best fun and helps you remember why you are a trail runner. Mindful Runner also offers online or face to face strength training to compliment your running and the coaches highlight how important strength work is to running and improving. I would highly recommend any of the Mindful Runner coaches whether you are an elite runner or a beginner. They will get you fit, healthy and enjoying the trails / road in no time.