Be ExtraOrdinary

It took me 25 years of running before signing up with a running coach. I was hesitant at first, because I saw it as a luxury that I could probably do without. Little did I know what an amazing impact this “small step” would have on my experience as a runner. 

There is so much more to running than simply following a training program. Life happens and we are most often faced with obstacles such as injuries or circumstances that disrupts our training or motivation. Having a running coach has made all the difference, as I now have an experienced mentor to help me navigate my passion for running through all of life’s speed bumps. There is no computer software that can substitute having a real person answering all of one’s questions about gear, nutrition, strength and mental training, or choosing the most suitable goals and races. Neither can a generic training  program be adapted at short notice to one’s personal situation, ability or needs. 

Since I’ve started training with coach Fred, I have learned so much about how to approach my daily training and races like I have never been able to do on my own. Having a coach to care about and comment on every single run one does, makes it so much easier to keep running, reach one’s goals, and find joy in the sport.

I cannot speak highly enough of the MR team and their personal dedication to their athletes. Best investment ever!