Be ExtraOrdinary

I was a reluctant runner at first and started late in life as something to do on “off days” on rock climbing weekends. After a series of first year injuries because of me being clueless I decided it was a wise thing to get a coach before I killed myself and in 2015 my path crossed with Fred.

Its been a hell of a journey from a 48min Parkrun (walk) with horrible asthma to standing on the podium winning my first 100 miler in 2021 and getting great results at a few Skyruns – something I never dared dreamed off before.

Fred and others of the MR family have been at the end of many ultras welcoming me home in the dark and cold and making me believe anything is possible and that once you put in the work (and mostly listen to the wise ways of Fred 😝) the goal is indeed achievable

In 2022 I had a massive running (or rather falling) accident and spent a year on the sidelines recovering from ankle surgery. We are navigating this journey together and I’m still trying to see what my running future holds but I’m doing it with a coach and MR running friends that have become my family by my side.

If you are wondering if this is the right place for you I would say just come join us in the mountains for one trip and you will know right away !!