Be ExtraOrdinary
I came to running really late in life – around the ripe old age of about 48 I think – and have now been running for about 9 years (yes you can figure out my age if you wish – 57 and proud of it ūüėä)
I ran¬†initially on my own, then with various “start to run” groups locally, through which I met some good running friends. One of them was coached by Fred, and I tagged along with her, following whatever training was on her programme. It was fun, varied, and gradually I found my passion in¬†the¬†outdoors (which I have always loved – hiking, sports, etc) fulfilled with¬†trail running. Big mountains both excite and terrify¬†me!
Eventually finances and kids growing up and needing me less, allowed me to sign up with Fred as my very own coach, the first time having a personal coach ever in my life.
I have been training with him for over two years now. I think the biggest value for me is the accountability to the coach which gives me the motivation to keep going. I could otherwise very easily settle for being a couch potato. I enjoy seeing improvements (however small) and enjoy being challenged by the bigger things. I have got to know Fred quite well now and know and appreciate how passionate he is about new learning, new technology and new techniques. He spends an inordinate amount of time studying and researching – physiology, medicine, exercise, psychology, movement, strength, nutrition, you name it and he will be researching something new in that field. We have the most amazing discussions on all sorts of topics.
I must just add that I am a back-of-the-pack plodder who will never be up front “shooting the lights out”. I probably am one of his frustrating cases where improvement happens at a snail’s pace, and I sometimes feel I’m regressing instead of progressing, but Fred somehow manages to keep me motivated, excited and moving forward.
I can highly recommend Fred as a coach, mentor and friend, and look forward to many more years on this road together.