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Mindful Running – Respect

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Mindful Running is a way of approaching your running in the same way as you would a martial art, yoga, thai chi etc. It is a regular practice requiring respect , discipline, mindfulness and regular practice.

These 4 form the cornerstones of Mindful Running.

1 ) Respect
2 ) Discipline
3 ) Mindfulness
4 ) Practice


Respect your body

Be mindful of the body you have. Appreciate the fact that you are able to run and train with it, that it is capable of carrying you great distances without breaking down. Keep on refining it in the gym with strength work, on the track with speed, on the hills with power and on the trails with resilience. Your body is always a work in progress.

Allow it adequate recovery time from hard races and intense training sessions. Feed it with good wholesome foods.

Get enough sleep each night and especially after a hard training session or race. Establish good sleeping patterns. Try to get to bed the same time every night and get up at the same time each day.

Block off 2 – 4 weeks every 6 months in which you don’t ‘train’. In that period you could cycle, paddle, swim, hike or anything else that keeps your body active and moving. Simply give it some down time from the activity of running and absolutely resist the urge to run any further than 100 m. At the end of that period you should be champing at the bit to get going with run training again. Mentally and physically ready to get back to running training.

Respect the process

Distance running takes time. It takes time to run 5 km, 42 km, 100 miles. If you give your brain too much space to think it can end up pulling tricks on you. Giving you all sorts of reasons to run slower, walk or just give up on your goal for the run.

The best way to deal with that is to put a process in place that achieves the end goal. That way your brain has a lot of small tasks to deal with. Ticking off those tasks keeps you focused and in a positive mindset.

Proven success is based on process not on goals. You need establish the goal and then create a process to achieve that goal. From then on you simply follow the process and the goal will be achieved.

Respect your environment

This is not simply about throwing your trash on the ground. It includes showing respect for local cultures and customs.

Respect others

Respecting the rights of all the other creatures both human and non-human who you might share the run with. Help those in need you encounter along the way.