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Training in Uncertain times

How are you finding training during these uncertain times? Your events are cancelled and you don’t know if the other races you’ve signed up for are going ahead or not. It can be very demoralizing but it needn’t be.

Navigating Uncertainty

Do you know that I created specialized programs for my runners during lock down. At the end of the process exactly 5 days after we came out of lock down, every runner had a 5 km Time Trial scheduled. Well, the results astounded even me. We saw fully half of those who had stuck to their programs either running Personal Bests or coming very close.

These are some of the comments from runners

“Wow!! Forgot how tough a TT is. My legs felt good but I had to stop for a second with 380 meters to go otherwise I would have puked (sorry) and again with 20 meters left I totally slowed down to prevent bringing shame onto myself ?. But I am very very happy with my pace ??

Cant believe I was able to maintain the pace after 5 weeks of lockdown. Thanks to you.”

“Thanks for guiding us so amazingly through unknown waters, Fred Richardson! ??”

“I’ve found that my asthma is really acting up – I think it will take a while for my lungs so re-acclimatize to the stress of proper running. But the strength workouts and yoga have kept my legs in pretty good nick (thank you!!)”

Read on if you want to know how to plan your training over the next 3 – 6 months?

Pick a best case goal event

Times are uncertain and nothing can be guaranteed. Pick an event you feel will definitely happen. Try to be realistic. I personally would not plan on anything earlier than September. That’s not to say that you won’t be able to race before then. We will pick Tune Up events between now and our big goal. A tune up event is one that you will use as a part of your training. If it happens that’s great if it doesn’t you can get the same training on your home turf

Structure your training plan to arrive at that event in the best shape of your life

Focus on areas you want to develop. Do a physical screening of your biomechanical issues and create a plan to work on those. Participate in our Bulletproof your Running Program to help you get stronger and more resilient.

Do the Free Assessment you receive on sign-up and armed with what you learn from the assessments you will be able to set up a conditioning plan to get you to your race in the best shape possible.

Create mini goals or milestones on the path to that big goal

Add in some hopefully events

Pick some events along the way that you are hopeful will happen. Put those down on your calendar as B events or C events, these are your Tune Up races..

You will use B events to check your race readiness. Pick events that have similar conditions to your goal race. Try to match as many things as you can, including ascent, descent, terrain, weather, footing etc.

Treat C events as a part of your normal training.

Focus on the process

Once your training program is in place focus on the process. Do each workout as scheduled. Record the workout and tick it off. You know how to eat an elephant – one bite at a time. Don’t let the size of a task intimidate you and, in this case, the size of the uncertainty. Simply tick off each workout each day and before you know it we will be on the other side of this. Healthier, Stronger, Faster.

Test yourself

Set up milestones that test your progress. Schedule a hard time trial once every 4 weeks. Create Strava segments that mimic parts of your upcoming race and regularly check yourself on those segments. Don’t try to race a segment every time you get to it. Check your progress over time and you should see steady improvements.

If you want training guidance during this time consider signing up for coaching with me. One on One coaching options can be found on the Coaching Page

Please contact me if you have any running related questions.