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Training Philosophy – A Balanced Approach to Growth

Training philosophy is the cornerstone of any athletic pursuit. In this section, we’ll delve into the daily routines, strength training practices, and the importance of sleep, diet, and consistency in achieving long-term health and growth.

Daily Exercise – A Way of Life

Exercise is ingrained in my daily life, starting with a minimum 5km walk with our dogs every morning. Depending on my goals, my running ranges between 50 km and 120 km a week, accompanied by strength training twice a week. These routines are not about mere physical activity; they are a vital part of my being, as inherent as the ocean is to a fish.

Strength and Mobility – A Priority

My focus on compound whole-body exercises, especially kettlebells, deadlifts, squats, and Olympic lifts, underscores the importance of power and mobility. My mantra “run a lot, sometimes run fast” has evolved from youthful invincibility to prioritizing strength, mobility, sleep, and optimal diet, aligning with my plant-based lifestyle.

Consistency – The Ultimate Key

The consistent building of strength, even in tiny increments, reigns supreme. Compassion towards oneself aids in recognizing the importance of rest and recovery rather than pushing to the brink. Understanding that illness and injury can hamper consistency, I’ve learned to cultivate an attitude of listening to my body and responding wisely. It’s a strategy that allows losing some battles to win the war.

Compassionate Discipline – A Balanced Approach

My approach to training emphasizes a fine balance between compassion and discipline. While the fire of youth might wane, the focus on intensity and explosiveness remains crucial. The art of mindful running requires attentive practice, akin to martial artists or ballerinas, emphasizing form, movement, and a deep connection between mind and body.

My training philosophy reflects a multifaceted approach, melding daily routines, strength training, diet, sleep, and consistent growth. It highlights the evolution from a goal-driven athlete to one who understands the biomechanics of running, prioritizes injury prevention, and cherishes the practice of running. A mindful connection to the body guides the process, promoting health, longevity, and a fulfilled running life.

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