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Unstoppable Ultra-Running: An Exclusive Interview with Marius van Rensburg AKA Miler Marius

In this thrilling episode, we sit down with the remarkable South African ultra-runner, Marius van Rensburg, better known as Miler Marius. As the winner of the Mac Mac 200-miler and the Tankwa 200-miler, and the first to complete AMUK in South Africa, Miler Marius is the epitome of endurance and passion.

Join us as we explore his motivation, mental preparation strategies, and wild plans for May 2023: running three 100-milers and one 200-miler in just one month! This unforgettable conversation offers insights into the incredible world of ultra-running and the unstoppable spirit of Miler Marius. Don’t miss this captivating episode that’s sure to inspire and ignite your own passion for pushing past limits!

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