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Why run in Sandals?

Many coaches around the world have their athletes running barefoot for the early part of their season. The major benefit being improvement in running efficiency and that’s something we can all use. Your feet, ankles and calves get stronger adding more power to each stride you take.


I would love to be able to run barefoot on all my road and trail runs but the reality is that I end up with all sorts of foreign objects embedded in your feet. Bits of glass, thorns and other weird sharp things. The best compromise that I can get is running in a sandal. My feet are free to breathe, I get to keep all my toe nails and I don’t suffer from the chaffing that happens in some of the barefoot shoes.

I’m not advocating that you do every run in sandals for the rest of your days but I do recommend that you spend at least 25% of your running time in sandals. Your feet will thank you for it and you will run longer and stronger than ever before.