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Why we use Training Peaks

Guided by Feedback, Tailoring for Success

In the world of endurance training, there’s a common misconception that coaching is solely about designing and churning out training programs. However, as seasoned coaches, we understand that this is just one facet of the complex art and science of coaching. The crux of our work, and the most valuable aspect, lies in fine-tuning these programs based on multi-faceted feedback.

At Mindful Runner, we work with each athlete as a unique individual, understanding their specific needs, capabilities, and goals. The training program is merely the starting point. Our role as coaches goes much beyond this – it’s a dynamic, iterative process that involves constant feedback loops, precise adjustments, and ongoing analysis.

Feedback is crucial in this process, and it comes from multiple sources: the athlete themselves, their wearable devices, and importantly, our data analysis tools, namely Training Peaks and its companion product, WKO. These tools offer us a wealth of data and analytical power to discern patterns, trends, and insights that can shape our coaching approach.

Training Peaks, with its focus on Training Stress—a composite measure of workout intensity and duration—provides an accurate representation of the true training load each athlete experiences. This allows us to craft training plans that not only align with each athlete’s abilities and goals but also accurately reflect the physiological stress they are under.

But our work doesn’t stop there. We continually assess the athlete’s progress, drawing on their feedback, their watch data, and the deep statistical analysis afforded by Training Peaks and WKO. This ongoing dialogue enables us to tweak and adapt the program in real-time, ensuring that it remains effective, personalized, and attuned to the athlete’s changing needs and circumstances.

In conclusion, we use Training Peaks and WKO not merely as tools to build training programs, but as powerful allies in our mission to deliver personalized, adaptive coaching that responds to each athlete’s unique journey. Coaching, in essence, is about fine-tuning and personalization, guided by multi-faceted feedback. And with tools like Training Peaks, we’re able to do exactly that, driving performance while safeguarding our athletes’ health and well-being.

Training Peaks Basic VS Premium Edition

The table below illustrates the differences between the two versions of Training Peaks. The quality of the service you receive from your coach is not impacted by the version of Training Peaks that you are on.

The Premium version does give you more insights into your own data.  It also includes the Notification system which will automatically notify you when your coach comments on your workout. You can always check the workout yourself and see if your coach has commented if you are using the basic version.

Training Peaks Premium Monthly price is $19.95
We are able to offer it to you at R200 a month.
Let your coach know if you want to take advantage of the offer.

FeatureTrainingPeaks BasicTrainingPeaks Premium
Log training on web, iOS or AndroidYesYes
Upload workouts from 90+ devices and mobile appsYesYes
View workout and fitness summariesYesYes
Use with a training plan or a coachYesYes
Track equipment usageYesYes
Track Peak PerformancesNoYes
Plan future workoutsNoYes
Plan season with the Annual Training PlanNoYes
Build and use unlimited workout librariesNoYes
Sync calendar with Outlook, Google and iCalNoYes
Analyze intervals with Advanced Metrics and ChartsNoYes
Analyze fitness trends with 30+ power, HR, pace chartsNoYes
Manage performance with the Performance Management ChartNoYes
Accurate data with editing and elevation correctionNoYes
View Weather forecastNoYes
Compare Peak Performances with StackUpNoYes
Share Availability with CoachNoYes
Premium vs Basic