Be ExtraOrdinary

You deserve a coach

Imposter Syndrome is a very real thing its describe in Websters as ‘someone who feels they aren’t as capable as others think and fears they’ll be exposed as a fraud’

We often see this amongst our athletes, our clients, all of you who pay us for the service we provide. It manifests in various ways but what it boils down to is that you don’t feel worthy of your coaches attention. It manifests in many ways, see if you recognise any of these.

  • You don’t report a niggle to your coach because you don’t want to bother them
  • You don’t call them out when your expectations around the service you expect aren’t met
  • You don’t schedule your zoom meetings because you don’t have anything important to discuss
  • You don’t contact them to re-arrange your schedule when needed because you don’t want to bother them
  • You don’t contact your coach to add in a ‘small’ local race because it kind of fits the training plan

there are many others but I think you get the idea.

YOU are paying us to deliver a service. The terms of which are on our website. We should be held accountable to those terms and we should be exceeding them. You have every right in the world to expect the services you have contracted us to deliver.

Most importantly you deserve to get the best from your coach. It doesn’t matter whether you finish on the podium or at the back of the pack. We are committed to giving each of you the best service we are capable of delivering. We can’t do that if you are not talking to us, regularly and often. You will get the best out of your coach if you a ) communicate and b ) commit to the training

You are worthy and you deserve a good coach. Lets work together to exceed your dreams in 2023

Happy Trails,
The Mindful Runner coaching team