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Your coaches are experts

Your coaches are professionals, expert in the fields of running, trail running and ultra running

All of our coaches are certified ultra and running coaches. We continue studying all year round and are constantly talking training and coaching amongst ourselves and with other coaches. On any one day, on average, an individual Mindful Runner coach analyses between 20 and 60 different runs, in detail. We get to see the results of our protocols played out over more than 100 athletes a month. We have the scientific certification, we have the practical knowledge, we have decades of experience.

If you have a question that is related to running, gear, events, physiology please ask your coach first. They are the experts not some random person on the internet, or the guy with 20 years of Comrades finishes. I see on a daily basis the worst possible advice offered on social media, in magazine articles, you tube videos etc. Context is everything and often even the advice offered by so called experts needs to be understood in context.

If you are doubtful about information you’re receiving or curious about it’s validity, please run it by your coach for a sanity check before passing it on or sharing it on social media.

Your coach has valuable expertise. Use it.

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