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Diana Henry

I always said I will never run more than 21 km, until one day i decided to do Mnweni Mountain Marathon in the Drakensberg to experience those magnificent views.  I phoned Fred for help to achieve that goal.
I ran my mountain marathon and then a continuously life changing journey started, and the magical views continued & the awesome kms are ticking year by year !  Thanks to Fred,the commitment to training and the Mindful Running team I found something that excites me, keeps me happy,  healthy –  body, mind and soul!

Seeing results every year, I can truly recommend being coached by the Mindful Runner. Fred is taking into account your goals, and creating a personal plan based on your work/life activities and making sure you don’t get stuck in a comfort zone.
Whether you want to run a 5 km personal best or 200 miles.  Its your goals, your journey and you get the best help to achieve this goal with his effective, enthusiastic training, mind blowing knowledge and  relationship you can trust – coached by Fred.

To have a coaching plan makes training so much easier. You also don’t quit that easy on rainy days, you get yourself to it and you loved it/ and be proud of the awesome achievements! Fred knows what you are capable of more than you know yourself, you just trust, follow the process  and then you performed better than what you in the first place did not think you can. Mindful runner coaching is a lifestyle change.

Diana Henry

Dean Moore

Mindfulrunner coaching helped me improve my UTD 32km run by almost 30minutes. Fred’s coaching was very informative and I thoroughly enjoyed our discussions, his insight into trail running during the Trail skills clinic was essential to my preparations for a more enjoyable Drakensberg trail on my second go. The custom daily training plan with details on how to execute each one, was accompanied by strength and recovery sessions which helped me to understand my body better and run with confidence. Highly recommended.

Dean Moore

Lerato Sedibe

Anja was completely amazing and got me through my debut Cape Town marathon 2022 she knew exactly how to motivate me and get me ready despite my hectic schedule as a working student Mom. I did not break any records because it was my first and my training time was limited but without Anja’s coaching I wouldn’t even have made it to the start line! Having her in my corner made a world of difference.Thank you Mindful Runners

Lerato Sedibe

Liesl Koch

I joined the Mindful Runner team in 2016 and it was the best decision I have ever made. Whilst I may not ever be an elite runner, I wanted to get better for myself and challenge myself. Fred Richardson has supported my sometimes wild decisions and helped me overcome so many running challenges. Being part of the Mindful Runners family is super special and the community inspires you to take challenges and participate in awesome events around the country. The mountain camps to the Drakensburg are a fantastic and unique feature of being a Mindful Runner. You get to experience and learn about the mountains at your own pace and without competition pressure. It is also the best fun and helps you remember why you are a trail runner. Mindful Runner also offers online or face to face strength training to compliment your running and the coaches highlight how important strength work is to running and improving. I would highly recommend any of the Mindful Runner coaches whether you are an elite runner or a beginner. They will get you fit, healthy and enjoying the trails / road in no time.

Liesl Koch

Louis Jardim

I’m extremely grateful for having Fred as coach, as he has guided me in completing my 10th Comrades this year. From weekly plans with a mixture of good quality, low heart rate running and long distance running I achieved my 10th Comrades and got my green number in Durban this year. Weekly touch bases and quick responses from Fred via WhatsApp was great as feedback in the past from previous coaches has been poor. The run was awesome, where I enjoyed my 10th and took it all in. Running without pressure and having a plan made the world of difference in achieving my goal. Nutrition and the guidance provided by Debbie was invaluable, as I have not got my nutrition right until this year.

If you looking for a coach that can guide you and achieve your goals, Fred is the way to go!

Louis Jardim

Laurie Snyman

I signed up with Mindful Runner coming out of the lockdown, and wanting to take my backyard running to the trails. I’m a firm back-of-the-pack runner, but having a proper programme and the advice of Fred led to my first ultra this year, comfortably finishing what was a lifetime highlight. There’s no pressure, and Fred is always open to adapting the programme and advising when things don’t go as planned. The Mindful Runner community is welcoming and friendly, and I’d highly recommend Mindful Runner to anyone who wants to improve their running – and have fun doing it.

Laurie Snyman

Paul Whitehead

Mindful Runner has been super helpful in fast-tracking my success in running. If it weren’t for their attentive training plans, helpful nutrition advice and inspiring insights into the trail and ultra-running world, I wouldn’t be half the runner I am today. I highly recommend them in order to bring magic to you running journey.

Paul Whitehead

Mari Marinkowitz

It took me 25 years of running before signing up with a running coach. I was hesitant at first, because I saw it as a luxury that I could probably do without. Little did I know what an amazing impact this “small step” would have on my experience as a runner. 

There is so much more to running than simply following a training program. Life happens and we are most often faced with obstacles such as injuries or circumstances that disrupts our training or motivation. Having a running coach has made all the difference, as I now have an experienced mentor to help me navigate my passion for running through all of life’s speed bumps. There is no computer software that can substitute having a real person answering all of one’s questions about gear, nutrition, strength and mental training, or choosing the most suitable goals and races. Neither can a generic training  program be adapted at short notice to one’s personal situation, ability or needs. 

Since I’ve started training with coach Fred, I have learned so much about how to approach my daily training and races like I have never been able to do on my own. Having a coach to care about and comment on every single run one does, makes it so much easier to keep running, reach one’s goals, and find joy in the sport.

I cannot speak highly enough of the MR team and their personal dedication to their athletes. Best investment ever! 


Adrienne Bewsher

I started my running adventure fairly late in life, at the age of 45. In 2019 I joined the Mindful Runner team, as I needed guidance on my training program and also knowing that someone was keeping an eye on my training was a great motivator!
Juggling a corporate job, young twins and running is quite a challenge but the coaching through Mindful Runner is flexible and is customized to meet my needs, whilst still pushing me to grow and get stronger all the time. I will never be a podium finisher, but that has not impacted the support and guidance from Mindful Runner. I compete against myself and my goal is to be the best possible version of me. Anja Louw is a phenomenal coach, listening to my personal needs, providing great guidance and support, while also being understanding during periods of illness or injury.

The mountain camps are a must-do experience! I learnt so much from Fred, and the other runners, during these weekends, but they also were an incredible confidence booster. They are a great opportunity to experience remote, spectacular trails that you probably would not undertake on your own. They are also so much fun, being surrounded by other like-minded trail runners.

I always thought that having a coach was only for elite runners but over the years have realized that no matter your pace, or where you are on your running journey, having a coach is such a valuable investment in achieving your running goals.

Adrienne Bewsher

Proof is in the pudding.

It’s hard to sum up my +6years of coaching by Fred Richardson. I still sometimes can’t believe the distances I once thought were crazy are now almost comfortable 😅! I’ve participated in many marathon and ultra marathon distances, but nothing scares me more than a 5km TT , a fast 10km or lung busting 21km showdown!!!
Fred has helped me with ALL of the above!
Trail or tar, short or really far, I can honestly say I’ve improved every year! That is a fact!!
If you’re willing to work, he will tailor a plan to help you achieve your goal.
On a personal note. I have OFTEN been welcomed “home” by Fred who had been standing in the sun/dark/cold/rain /lightning for many, many hours in support of his runners at events. I can’t express how much that has meant to me!

Amanda Annandale Bell

Steady and sure

I came to running really late in life – around the ripe old age of about 48 I think – and have now been running for about 9 years (yes you can figure out my age if you wish – 57 and proud of it 😊)
I ran initially on my own, then with various “start to run” groups locally, through which I met some good running friends. One of them was coached by Fred, and I tagged along with her, following whatever training was on her programme. It was fun, varied, and gradually I found my passion in the outdoors (which I have always loved – hiking, sports, etc) fulfilled with trail running. Big mountains both excite and terrify me!
Eventually finances and kids growing up and needing me less, allowed me to sign up with Fred as my very own coach, the first time having a personal coach ever in my life.
I have been training with him for over two years now. I think the biggest value for me is the accountability to the coach which gives me the motivation to keep going. I could otherwise very easily settle for being a couch potato. I enjoy seeing improvements (however small) and enjoy being challenged by the bigger things. I have got to know Fred quite well now and know and appreciate how passionate he is about new learning, new technology and new techniques. He spends an inordinate amount of time studying and researching – physiology, medicine, exercise, psychology, movement, strength, nutrition, you name it and he will be researching something new in that field. We have the most amazing discussions on all sorts of topics.
I must just add that I am a back-of-the-pack plodder who will never be up front “shooting the lights out”. I probably am one of his frustrating cases where improvement happens at a snail’s pace, and I sometimes feel I’m regressing instead of progressing, but Fred somehow manages to keep me motivated, excited and moving forward.
I can highly recommend Fred as a coach, mentor and friend, and look forward to many more years on this road together.
Helen de Kock

Mindful Runner is a family

I was a reluctant runner at first and started late in life as something to do on “off days” on rock climbing weekends. After a series of first year injuries because of me being clueless I decided it was a wise thing to get a coach before I killed myself and in 2015 my path crossed with Fred.

Its been a hell of a journey from a 48min Parkrun (walk) with horrible asthma to standing on the podium winning my first 100 miler in 2021 and getting great results at a few Skyruns – something I never dared dreamed off before.

Fred and others of the MR family have been at the end of many ultras welcoming me home in the dark and cold and making me believe anything is possible and that once you put in the work (and mostly listen to the wise ways of Fred 😝) the goal is indeed achievable

In 2022 I had a massive running (or rather falling) accident and spent a year on the sidelines recovering from ankle surgery. We are navigating this journey together and I’m still trying to see what my running future holds but I’m doing it with a coach and MR running friends that have become my family by my side.

If you are wondering if this is the right place for you I would say just come join us in the mountains for one trip and you will know right away !!

Ilze Wagener

100 Miles

After two previous DNFs at Karkloof 100 Miler without Fred he got me to the end on my 3rd attempt. Age and distance appropriate training for this 58 year old helped earn my first Miler buckle. Thumbs up for Mindful Runner.

Mark Krug

Aging well

I have been running for more than 20 years, road running most of it. I was self trained and did not do too bad in my younger years. My PB’s were 3:22 for 50km, 2:57 Marathon and 38m 10km. During my road-running years I did the occasional “trail” run and really got attracted to the different terrein and skills required to do trail running. I quickly realised that I was not at all trail fit and required a different sort of training. But knowing myself I knew I cannot train just for the fact of training, and need a goal to train for, that is my motivation to train. I then found out that the Skyrun 100km is the “comrades” of trail running and I made it my goal as my first major trail race. As usual, I went on my own and trained on the road with the weekend runs with friends on the trail. My first Skyrun was in 2017 with a finish time of 26 odd hours. Really tough but so satisfying to finish. I then also realised that I could probably benefit from some formal training, and that is how I got introduced to Fred and the Mindful Running family. I always thought that my best running years were behind me but after discussions with Fred he assured me my best years are yet to come. After 2 years with Fred I managed to not only improve my trail running but also my road running. Finish my 10th comrades in 8:30, my first Bill Rowan at age 50. Something I could never achieved in my younger years. I finished my 6th Skyrun 100km in 10th overall, first Master and under 20hours and still feel I could do better. I think I am starting to believe Fred about my best running years and looking forward to the next achievements with Fred and the Mindful Running team.

Jan Hitge