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Endurance Runs

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Endurance Runs is where most of the training happens for distance running. The intensity is moderate. The purpose of Endurance run is to improve heart stroke function, improve the vascular network which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells, increase mitochondrial density (which leads to a more efficient use of Oxygen and Glycogen), improve bone density, improve soft tissue health. 

Possibly the most important training effect is an improvement in running economy. The more you run, the better you become at running. The final factor to consider is mental stress, Endurance runs do not raise the same kind of trepidation as high intensity sessions do and so it’s easier to be motivated for an Endurance run.

Metrics #

HR Zone 2
RPE 5 to 6
Breathing – Rhythmic, moderate depth, not labored
Talking – Comfortable Conversation
Interval – 30 min to 6+ hours
Weekly Frequency 2 – 6 times

Intent #

To improve running economy and get your running feeling easy. 

Focus on one or two of these per session

Breathing – deep and rhythmic, use your belly

Foot strike – land the foot flat, imagine a triangle formed by the front of your foot with the base of the triangle behind your toes and the apex under your heel.

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